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“Trust Your Gut”
Harmful gut bacteria from unhealthy diet and lifestyle can activate one to form schizophrenia.

Like The Science Channel, we want to inform the latest scientific studies and discoveries that are not yet widely known. Although we all hear about the importance of gut flora health to our whole physical health, recently, researchers are rapidly uncovering new insights into the gut-brain connection. There have been studies that links gut bacteria to effect mental health. Our gut microbiome can influence everything from PTSD to brain inflamation to depression to schizophrenia.

Specifically for us, we will be bringing light on how a miniscule and seemingly harmless gut bacteria can drastically transform one’s life through schizo- phrenic episodes. By highlighting the overlooked flaws of our fast, instant, and unhealthy eating/binging culture, we want to bring awareness to the serious consequences that could negatively bring damge to our life not just physically but mentally as well. 

Special thanks to Ara Devejian ︎