About Me

I still remember the scent of oil paints on a fresh palette and the sound of wooden charcoal pencil on the canvas. Growing up in my mother’s art studio, I learned how to use a paintbrush and mix color from a young age. This naturally made me attentive to my surroundings and I was keen on capturing all the world’s endless sights and playful textures. These were all sweet sensations that I melted into my creative work and vision, which I believed were colorful, not just pigmented in the feelings they evoked.

As I gained more experience in art and design, I challenged myself by rising from the surface of traditional painting and venturing into various disciplines such as 2D, animation, and branding. Yet in all these, I’ve never forgotten the initial sensations—the fascinating beauty of colors—that brought me here today. I am a motion and illustration designer who creates lively realities from a unique palette of feelings. Let’s create colorful solutions that have the power to inspire.

Ella Lee is a motion designer and illustrator who graduated from ArtCenter College of Design, based in Los Angeles and South Korea.


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