Percy jackson hero of olympus

December 2023 marked the release of the long-awaited adaptation of Rick Riordan's beloved series 'Percy Jackson: Hero of Olympus.' I teamed up with Imaginary Forces to illustrate an epic main-on-end title sequence fit for the Gods. Merging Greek mythology with American landmarks, we take the audience on an epic road trip in classic Art Deco style.

Role: Illustrator
Studio: Imaginary Forces

creditscreative directors: karin fong, tosh kodama
art director/animator: henry chang
designer: brandon savoy
designer/lead illustrator: jorge artola
illustrators: ella lee, ruthy kim
animators/compositors: merrill hall, alex rupert, christian arnsparger
animation interns: jeffrey su, michael wang
editor: lexi gunvaldson
producer: jordan sharon
coordinator: nic luong

Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football takes on a new home this season streaming on Amazon Prime Video! We kicked it off with an unique intro for the NFL that scores big, bringing the stadium to the homescreen for the first time on a streaming platform. I designed hero frame with team and also worked as illustrator.

Role: Illustrator
Studio: Imaginary Forces


Dreams run rampant in our credit sequence for Slumberland, an epic fantasy on Netflix adapted from the classic Winsor McCay comic strip. In a whimsical world of wonder, Nemo (Marlow Barkley) joins forces with a larger-than-life outlaw (Jason Momoa), to embark on a wild quest to see if her greatest wish would be granted.

Role: Illustrator
Studio: Imaginary Forces


creative director: karin fong
designers/animators: henry chang, alex rupert, russ gautier, jesse jones
designers: rob slychuk, kathy liang
illustrators: lindsey mayer-beug, daae kim, ella lee
animator: merrill hall
editor: lexi gunvaldson
design interns: alan jiang, wei chung, joie sui, christian arnsparger
storyboard artist: tyler gibb
senior producer: nicky maser
coordinator: megan catoe

First-Run Experience

Working with Microsoft Azure IoT design team for creating a new illustrations and short animation of First run experience. This is the visualization of products, services and features. They help depict concepts and functions, enforce brand personality, and educate users on complex concepts.

Role: Illustrator, Designer, and Motion Designer
Company: Microsoft






Content Designer- Necia
Motion and illustration- Ella Lee
Core UX PM- Julie, Cory, Adaeze
Engineer- Vincenzo’s team 

Digital Twins

Collaborating with the Microsoft Azure IoT design team, I am actively engaged in the development of innovative illustrations for Digital Twins. These illustrations are centered around the idea of intertwining urban environments with IoT and Digital Twins. These visuals serve as powerful educational tools, enabling users to grasp intricate concepts and bridge the gap between urban spaces and advanced technology.

Role: Illustrator
Company: Microsoft 

Joshua Beer

Packaging and Brand Identity
Joshua Beer is a new crisp California lager brewed with love from Joshua Tree, California.

I embarked on this self-initiated project with two friends who share a deep appreciation for beer. We referenced Joshua Tree National Park as a point of inspiration and created a beer identity revolving around it.

The logo’s form is inspired by the park’s iconic boulder formations, while the color scheme is a reflection of the sandy and gravelly grounds. We paired the identity with playful illustrations that add a lighthearted and fun personality to the beer’s identity. Cheers, salud!

We carefully chose the Joshua tree’s iconic objects from each category to emphasize Joshua beer identity. Also, we tried different brush textures to find a perfect match with the Joshua Beer type logo.

SCI :Question Everything

Style Frames, Spot Narrative

“Trust Your Gut”
Harmful gut bacteria from unhealthy diet and lifestyle can activate one to form schizophrenia.

Like The Science Channel, we want to inform the latest scientific studies and discoveries that are not yet widely known. Although we all hear about the importance of gut flora health to our whole physical health, recently, researchers are rapidly uncovering new insights into the gut-brain connection. There have been studies that links gut bacteria to effect mental health. Our gut microbiome can influence everything from PTSD to brain inflamation to depression to schizophrenia.

Specifically for us, we will be bringing light on how a miniscule and seemingly harmless gut bacteria can drastically transform one’s life through schizo- phrenic episodes. By highlighting the overlooked flaws of our fast, instant, and unhealthy eating/binging culture, we want to bring awareness to the serious consequences that could negatively bring damge to our life not just physically but mentally as well. 

Special thanks to Ara Devejian ︎